California educators working past their 65th birthday has increased 117% in 8 years1

Cost of Living

  • 133% increase for family health premiums since 2002
  • 5.8% annual Los Angeles housing inflation in 2019

Longer Lives

  • The American lifespan has increased 20 years since 1970


  • Saving earlier means earning more later

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1. Employment by Age for Educators in California--Bureau of Labor Statistics
2. "Getting to Affordability: Spending Trends and Waste in California’s Health Care System" -Rand Corporation
3. Bureau of Labor Statistics
4. The World Bank

A Story of Two Savers

This is a story of California teachers Jack and Jill.  In Jack's younger years he decided to spend more money and put off saving until his thirties. When he turned 37 he decided to save. He thought of his family and future, and saved every year until he retired at 70.  In Jill's younger years, she began to save immediately, but  after 15 years she stopped and never saved again. Jill saved 15 years and Jack saved 33... who do you think had more at retirement?

static retirement image

*This chart is to demonstrate the effects of compound interest. This is not a prediction of any individuals investment performance. 

** This graph assumes a fixed 7% interest rate and  a yearly investment of $3,000 

See for yourself:

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