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Educators working past their 65th birthday has increased 117% in 8 years1

Educators working past their 65th birthday has increased 117% in 8 years1

Cost of Living

  • 133% increase for family health premiums since 20022
  • 5.8% annual Los Angeles housing inflation in 20193

Longer Lives

  • The American lifespan has increased 20 years since 19704
  • Keeping pace with higher healthcare costs over a longer life on a fixed income is a critical challenge

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 Retirement Reviews

We analyze your paycheck contributions to ensure you do not miss out on any benefits or income at retirement

 State Pension Planning

With over 30 years guiding clients  to maximize their state pension, we ensure you are on track to receive your maximum benefit

 Retirement Planning

We specialize in 403(b)/TSA, 401(k), IRA, ROTH IRA's, and more

 Life Insurance 

We are licensed providers that will craft a custom plan to ensure your income and family are protected

 Living Benefits

If you are diagnosed with a qualifying illness, you can withdraw your life benefit to use as you see fit from medical bills to a family vacation

 Staff Presentations

Leave your coworkers better off at retirement by scheduling a group session to review the ABC's on how to maximize their retirements


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