Edward J. Sandstrom

Retirement Advisor


Direct: (818) 314-4185

Office: (818) 360-7400 ext.3

Edward J. Sandstrom

My Mission Statement

Empower public employees to make more enriching decisions

Edward Sandstrom is a licensed retirement advisor specializing in the public educator pension system for states across the country. He serves public employees from Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and throughout California. After working with Edward, you will not have to second guess that you are taking the correct steps to maximize your state pension. Missing nuanced details in your retirement plan can have tangible consequences throughout your post-work life. Edward will close this information gap for you, so that you can be fully aware of your possible retirement outcomes.

Eddie and his coworkers at S&A are best described as a boutique retirement services team with nearly 100 years of combined experience offering public employees retirement and investment services throughout the United States.

  • 403(b)
  • 401(k)
  • IRA
  • Life Insurance

Edward holds the role of educators in our society to the highest regard and believes knowledge is a public good. In support of these values, Edward leads Sandstrom & Associates effort to bring the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Mirror Site (MSP) & OpenCourseWare (OCW) Programs to the schools we work with.  

The MSP is a free program sponsored by MIT that will bring an up-to-date catalog of semester-long courses on hundreds of topics to your schools campus. This is to ensure students have access to and can reliably stream these materials  even if they lack a reliable internet connection at home.  Additionally, OCW also supports teachers by sharing open-sourced teaching methods used by MIT professors. 

For more information on the MIT Mirror Site Program and OpenCourseWare, click here

Retirement Review

Ensure you are taking the correct steps to maintain your standard of living throughout retirement.