LASD Horizons Planning 

With over 20 years serving in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Sgt. Robert Dean knows the sacrifice LA County Sheriffs make for our county. He now wants to ensure these sacrifices are honored by guiding his fellow deputies towards maximizing their state pension and retirement. Bobby is a licensed retirement advisor available to answer any questions you have about your LASD pension and retirement. 

LASD Retirement Calculator

Fill the top form to view the share of income you will receive at each eligible retirement year

Fill the whole form to view both your retirement options and a retirement scenario of you investing your horizons account versus not. 

**Enter additional information in these two fields to view a scenario of you saving/investing your horizons account versus not. 
This graph is based off the data from the LASD retirement calendar. This is graph is for demonstrational purposes only and is not to be used to predict the investment performance of any given asset or individual. Each post-retirement scenario takes into account a 3% rise in the cost of living. The annuity assumes a 5% interest rate. The Cost of Living adjustment (COLA) provided by the city is set at 2%.