State Retirement Planning For Teachers

With over 30 years servicing California's teachers, we have guided thousands towards meeting their retirement goals. Planning your own retirement without the guidance of a professional is a daunting task that can have tangible consequences come retirement. CalSTR's has 12 member publications designed to "help" you understand your pension. These publications contain hundreds of pages of dense financial information and equations that can take years to fully grasp. Sandstrom & Associates can fill this knowledge gap so you can retire with the most you are entitled too at your desired age.

California State Teachers Retirement Estimator

Input your three highest annual incomes if you began teaching after 2013

Disclaimer Sandstrom & Associates is not directly affiliated with CalSTR's. This graph is based directly from the publicly available CalSTR's Age Factor Tables and Age Factor Calculation.  This graph is for demonstrational purposes only. This graph is to be used solely as an estimator of your CalSTR's retirement options as it does not take into account other factors that could positively impact your retirement options, like unused sick-time and extra-curricular work within your district.